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Chelsea + Chase's Anniversary Session

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Chelsea and Chase are a sweet Milwaukee couple and recent transplants from the left coast by way of Iowa. Chelsea writes a blog called This Grand Adventure, and she is always inspiring me to try new recipes and new things! You must check it out. This one especially I'm dying to try.

Chelsea, Chase and I met up just outside Milwaukee to take some photos to commemorate their marriage. Throughout our session, Chase was so attentive to Chelsea, always checking on her and making sure she had her coat and gloves between shots. Its always cool to see couples that have been married for years still putting each other first. Read on for more of their love story...

From Chelsea:

Chase and I met in the fall of my freshman year of college at the University of Idaho. Chase’s fraternity was holding a function called ‘Champagne Breakfast.’ We both had different dates and had left them for some unknown reason, neither of us can remember now. Chase was in a small room with a magnum of champagne in his hand, and he asked if I would like a drink. We started with the regular chit-chat, discussing our majors and campus involvement. For whatever reason, we began using British accents and discussed moving to Great Britain where we would work internationally, me at the United Nations and he for Doctors Without Borders. This carried on for some time. The conversation eventually ended, and we moved on to socialize with other people. Little did we know how much of the conversation would come true. . . 

After this event, I was mortified.  We ran into one another off and on for months. He would say “hi” and try to make conversation and I would try to avoid him. Fate found us both single in the spring and so, Chase asked me over for a movie.  I agreed, yet, sat on the opposite side of the couch and invited a chaperone. I wasn’t sure I was ready to date anyone seriously, and so, attempted to remain aloof.  But try as I might, Chase remained determined to, as he told his mother, “get the girl,” leaving messages at my sorority’s front desk, finding excuses to stop by, and inviting me to study with him. After a short time his persistence paid off, and after a few weeks we decided to become “exclusive.” Since then, we have been through ups and downs, but have never left each other’s side.

Our wedding was a very special day. I mean, I'm sure everyone says that but for us it really was. It was about 130 people at my family's lake house in McCall, Idaho. It's a really magical place in the mountains. My parent's were married there, and so we knew we couldn't have it anywhere else. We were surrounded by loads of family and friends. It was quite literally a perfect August day. Not a cloud in the sky and around 80 degrees. Just thinking about the day makes me smile. I was so ready to marry Chase. We had been engaged for 23 months at this point, and mentally I was already his wife, I just wanted to make it official in front of all of our friends and family. The whole day was just a blast. We got married outside, in front of the gorgeous Payette Lake. We laughed, we ate, we danced, and it was really something. I would do it over a thousand times if I could. I loved that day.

Marriage advice from Chelsea and Chase:

We’ve learned a lot about love and marriage in the last three years but here’s what stands out the most - learn how to communicate. Learn how to talk when you're happy, angry, sad or disappointed. Learn how to listen. Learn how to express your feelings and be honest with one another. Learn how to talk about the hard stuff like money, parents, babies and jobs. Share when you are happy and tell one another you love them. If you can communicate and really listen to one another, you can get through almost anything.